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California Community Theatres: 

Volunteer Recognition Practices

 Survey results are from Winter 2017

Does Your Theatre Have a Formal or Organized Volunteer Program?



Who is Responsible for Coordinating or Creating Volunteer Recognition Events or Opportunities?




What Are Some Volunteer Events or Opportunities You Have Implemented ni the Past?

Volunteer recognition party, Lifetime Achievement Award for those with many years of service.

When a volunteer gives us time, they see the show for free, with a friend. We also tabulate hours year over year and when volunteers reach certain milestones we recognize them in our programs. We also send them a hand-written thank you letter at the end of the year, with a small token or gift card if they reach a certain threshold.

What Has Worked Particularly Well for Volunteer Recognition Events or Opportunities at Your Theatre?

Program recognition is wonderful. Also, hand-written thank you notes.

What Are Some Volunteer Recognition Events or Opportunities Your Wish to Implement at Your Theatre in the Future? What Are Your Challenges in Implementing Them? 

More of the same!

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