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2018 California Community Theatre 'Housekeeping' Challenge - Part 1

Welcome to the 2018 California Community Theatre 'Housekeeping' Challenge!

What are we trying to do here? Well, I know how easy it can be to dismiss little tasks, in the face of your bigger activities running your community theatre. Or, maybe you already excel at making sure your theatre is spotless, your passwords are stored somewhere, and your fundraising deadlines are outlined. Either way, you can benefit from a little inspiration and guidance on getting some things done - things you might not think of as helpful, or might think you don't have time for.

Accept this monthly challenge for this year, and you'll be surprised at how much more organized and prepared you feel. Happy Housekeeping!

Welcome to Challenge #1 of the California Community Theatre 2018 'Housekeeping' Challenge!

Challenge #1 - Documents, Documents, Documents!

Get your 'HR' and Board of Directors document ducks in a row. Do your Board by-law's need to be updated? Work with your Board of Directors or President to be sure By-Law's are up-to-date. Form a committee or make a plan to make any changes since they last received an edit. Be sure each Board member has a current copy and mark your calendar to review them again this time next year.

Do you have employees? Even for Board members or volunteers, a list of job descriptions (who does what, who makes decisions about specific tasks) is a good idea. If you have a current set of job descriptions, make sure it's up-to-date. If you don't have them, make a plan (again, work with your Board or a committee) to get job descriptions in place. A document like this is vital to Board of Directors or volunteer training, and is a helpful tool for you if you work or want to work with employees.

If you have employees, make sure your Employee Manual is updated, too. Mark your calendar to review them again this time next year.

Feeling ambitious? Try all 3! You have a whole month until the next challenge!

Even if this month's challenge seems tedious or like you're just pushing paper, keep in mind how helpful it is to have these documents in place. It makes your theatre a desirable place to work or volunteer, gives outside constituents a clear sense of your operations, and will help you with your own sanity!

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