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California Community Theatre is thrilled to partner with Ludus, a ticketing and management tools platform for the arts. 

Ludus and California Community Theatre join forces to make your front-of-house (Ticketing, Fundraising, Marketing, Collections, Volunteer Management, and Classes) free and you can focus on what matters: Your performance!

If you are looking for a platform for your ticketing, marketing, fundraising, and registration needs, Ludus offers these and MORE. 

Read on to learn about Ludus products and the partnership with California Community Theatre! 



Make life easier for you and your patrons
Online ticketing, marketing, & fundraising tools that simply work
Ludus started as a side project for a director who needed an easier way of selling tickets online. After having a successful show using this new platform, other directors in the area came knocking on the door, wanting to use what eventually became Ludus. Ludus is now used by 2,000+ performing arts organizations throughout the U.S., including K-12, colleges, community theatres, and performing arts centers of all sizes, to manage their ticketing, marketing, fundraising, collections, classes, and streaming.


When your patrons purchase tickets online they shouldn't have to go through a ton of steps, create accounts they'll forget the password to, and test their technical know-how to pick a seat. We built Ludus for a modern world with a flexible buying experience allowing for fast ticket buying on desktop or mobile. You get your own ticketing website, upload a seating chart or do general admission, and provide the best experience for your patrons.


As part of this collaboration, Ludus is proud to commit to donating a percentage of proceeds for every member who joins as a California Community Theatre member/supporter. This initiative reflects Ludus' shared dedication to supporting CACT and its valuable contributions to the performing arts community. The partnership supports CACT's dedication to providing free membership, and low-cost in-person conferences.
Members of CACT will gain access to an array of exclusive Ludus benefits, including comprehensive suite of tools for ticketing, marketing, fundraising, collections, classes, volunteer management, and streaming. Together, Ludus and California Community Theatre embark on an exciting journey to transform performing arts management, providing organizations and artists with the tools and resources needed to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. 
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