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California Community Theatres: 

Involvement in Outside Community Organizations

 Survey results are from Fall 2017


Is your community theatre involved in outside community organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club, etc?






Please list the community organizations with which your community theatre is a member.

County Arts Council, Chamber of Commerce

California Community Theatre

Chamber of Commerce

CNL (Center for Non-Profit Leadership), Nevada County Arts Council

Chico Noon Exchange Club, Chico Chamber of Commerce

Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Gold Nugget Museum, Paradise Ridge Senior Center, Paradise Rotary Club

29 Palms Chmaber of Commerce, Yucca valley Chamber of Commerec

Redlands Rotary Club and the Redlands Chamber of Commerce

Who decides which organizations to participate in, on behalf of your theatre?

The Managing Director, and I recommend groups we should join

General Director

Executive Director

ME, Board of Directors also

Board of Directors

Our Board

Our founder and president

Does your theatre or representative regularly attend meetings or events of the community organization?



What are the benefits of memberships in community organizations?

Visibility, credibility, emailing lists, community

"That you get to know more people and ideas from different groups."

By working with various orgs you can gain exposure, find volunteers and support as well as develop relationships with other non-profits in how they function, get funding etc. I find all the volunteers all know each other and all belong to the various groups. We support each other when needed. They are positive symbiotic relationships

mostly just "having a seat at the table"

We get publicity through the Chamber and financial support for the Exchange Club

"We are a very small community with limited resources. Maintaining a working relationship with other community organizations benefits us all in terms of enhancing community resources and support by cross-promoting events, services, and fundraisers."

They feature us their newsletters, they participate in Theater fund-raisers and special events. The donate to us. thy come see the shows.

Exposure. People of means and influence can see what we do at the theater and help us promote or finance projects. Also, it allows us to give back to the community through projects and events sponsored by these organizations.

What is your goal in membership with community organizations?

Visibility, credibility, community.

To help and to serve others.

The goal was to inform the C of C of what we are doing, take advantage of their events, contribute to their events and thereby gain more exposure throughout the community.

Keeping up with community events and the arts scene.

Personally, helping non-profits, including ourselves to remain financially viable.

Maintaining visibility in the community.

Extend our message out to non-theatre members of the community. Fundraising.

"To be an active part of our community and to keep the theater visible in the public eye."

Thank you to all the theatres who participated in this survey!

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