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California Community Theatres: 

Concessions & Merchandise

 Survey results are from Summer 2017


Does your theatre sell concessions?








"Wish we could sell our own concessions."

Does your theatre sell merchandise?

Types of Concessions Sold By California Community Theatres:

  • Desserts, bottled water, soda

  • Cookies, a few different packaged nuts, an "energy bar", Red Vines, water, different flavors of Snapple,

  • Popcorn, cookies, cakes, soda, coffee, tea, chips, candy, nuts, beef jerky

  • Cookies, Popcorn, candy, soft drinks, water, coffee, tea and wine at some shows,

  • Our theater Facility is run by the city they have a contracted concessionaire that sells wine beer soda snacks

  • In order to create a more up-scale atmosphere, we generally do not sell any food concessions. All food concessions are complimentary, and patrons may make a donation if they choose. Our patrons feel more catered to with the white glove treatment and it allows them the opportunity to be virtuous. We have found our concessions to be more profitable with this model. Concession types vary greatly depending on the type of event and expected patron attendance. All alcohol is sold at the cash bar unless a patron has already purchased the alcohol as part of their ticket package.

  • We sell freshly baked cookies, candy bars, soda, coffee and water.

  • Bottled water, sodas, popcorn, packaged candy, cookies purchased from member clubs like Costco and Sams Club.

  • Coffee, Tea, Bottled Water, Cookies - by donation only

"We sell only what is easily "cleanable""


Types of Merchandise Sold By California Community Theatres:

  • T-Shirts, Posters

  • Show related items. TPAC t-shirts. DVDs (when licensing allows) flowers, cast gifts.

  • Merchandise has varied from custom printed drums, to shirts, dishes, glasses, mugs, etc.

  • The only merchandise we sell are CDs of our LifeHouse Theater On-The-Air audio dramas.


Do your theatre serve alcohol?



"We try to keep the prices reasonable. Liqour license is tough to get but a great money maker."



Can patrons bring food/drink into your theatre? 

"We tried selling shirts for a while, but that was not very successful. We are known for our cookies and many patrons look forward to intermission just for the cookies. Our season passholders get a free cookie and coffee with each production they attend. We are strict with our no food in the theater seating area policy. It becomes too messy to clean up. We only allow water in our theater. We are also a gum-free theater, though that is hard to enforce outside of the casts."

Where do you purchase your concessions items?







"(Concessions/Merchandise sales) helps cover costs of the show."

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