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California Community Theatres:

 Holiday Traditions and Activities


'Tis the season. We asked California community theatres to share their holiday traditions and activities. From annual holiday productions, to other festive activities that involve their community, learn more about what your friends and neighbors are doing around the state. 


If you produce an annual holiday show, what is it?

If it varies, what has been the most successful holiday show you've produced?

The Christmas Tree Tells His Story

A Christmas based play

We performed "Bah Humbug!" the past 3 seasons and are doing "Elf Jr" this year

Orson Welles Never Ate a Christmas Carol

Holiday in the Hills

White Christmas and A Christmas Story

Our Christmas productions are always some of our most popular shows. They include "It's A Wonderful Life!," "Miracle on 34th Street," "Scrooge!," and "Unto Us: The Nativity Story." Recently we have begun running an annual Sunday Night Special called "A Christmas Song in My Heart" which details the origins of popular Christmas Carols.

We annually produce a show in December - sometimes holiday related, sometimes not. One of the most successful was "Every Christmas Story Ever Told"

It does vary, though we seem to circle back to Christmas Carol quite a bit! last year we did Little Women, is that a holiday show? not sure. This year it will be A Charlie Brown Christmas, and next year it will be Madeline's Christmas.

We've only done one. Next Christmas, we are producing the play "Miracle on 34th Street", which I expect to be a hit with families.

We vary but usually it's a Radio Show Production. This year we are producing the radio show version of It's A Wonderful Life

Does your theatre produce an annual holiday show?

We produce a play or musical around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday. It varies by year, depending on what’s available.

Does your theatre have any other holiday traditions or activities, i.e.: Christmas tree in the lobby, Halloween haunted house, participation in local holiday parade, etc?

Thanksgiving show: Joe Pietro's "Last Romance"

Haunted House

Christmas Music Concert

Lobby decorations, Christmas tree, themed refreshments, Toy Drive

Our town has a tradition of putting Christmas trees in front of the businesses on main street and has local elementary school kids decorate them. We participate, and the kids do a good job of making the decorations be thematically related to whatever show we are presenting.

We always decorate the theater up in Christmas decorations. It is a very festive time at LifeHouse Theater.

Performing at Christmas in The Park

Sing at the annual Historic Folsom Christmas Tree Lighting

We usually decorate fro Christmas. Patrons take a lot of family pictures in front of the tree.

Thanks to these California Community Theatre members for participating in this survey: 

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