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Of the 6 theatres who

sell season tickets, 4 state increases

in season ticket sales (one states an increase as well as a slowdown in very recent years)

Ticket Sales Trends in 

CA Community Theatre

                  We asked theatres to respond about their ticket sales trends for the last 3-5 years​

Responses originally posted in Spring 2016


Theatres responded​


Theatres state an

increase in

single ticket sales


Theatres state a

steady rate of

single ticket sales​

"We have had a slight increase in Season Ticket Sales, I believe is is because we have had sell-out show  where we give season ticket holders preference in reservations."



Theatre solely offer free performances, and no trends in attendance

were noted

"We attribute it (recent decline) to our age. 13 plus years means that we have to start repeating shows and some patrons are not excited about seeing a show again that they saw 5 or 6 years ago."


Theatres asked to respond​


Of the 6 theatres who

sell season tickets,

2 state decreases in

season ticket sales


Repsondents said their theatre sells season tickets

3-4, 6, or 8

Number of shows in

seasons for those who have

season tickets

"We are using Arts People software and with it's easy interface with social media it is helping us drive online ticket sales. Increased individual ticket sales online, and reduced the need for box office staff. Hopefully this year we will also use this software to increase our season ticket sales."

"...we are hearing from patrons that they do not want to plan ahead, but would rather purchase at the last minute."


Theatres state a

decline in

single tickets or

overall attendance

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