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If you don't currently have a Senior Theatre Program, do you feel your community theatre would benefit from one?

25% percent of respondents answered 'no.' 

12.5% of respondents answered 'possibly'

"Not at this time. Our volunteers are mostly seniors and our audience is mostly senior. Several of our actors are also seniors. "

62.5% percent of respondents answered 'yes.'

"We would like to start one, we lack staffing to manage one currently."

"We do have seniors participating in the plays that we do. But no specific programs for seniors in CA. However, we did do some in Arizona for the city."

Do you have a specific Senior Theatre program of any kind (ie: Reader's Theatre, volunteer group specifically for Seniors, group theatre outings, etc)?

No respondents have a specific Senior Theatre program.

Main Challenges That Keep California Community Theatres From Integrating A Senior Theatre Program:


Lack of staff to coordinate program

Staff, resources

Funding and time necessary

What are the benefits of a senior theatre program to your community theatre?

           Introducing Srs. to our other programs


                 Increased reach and viewership.

What are the benefits of a senior theatre program to the participants?

                Self fulfillment, social interaction.


Access to senior-targeted theatre and activities.

"We don't have a facility or means to have one. Our current challenge is raising money for a building of our own while continuing to produce 8 shows and events in a year."

California Community Theatres:

Senior Theatre Programs


We asked California community theatres about their Senior Theatre programs and activities. Results are from a survey in Winter, 2016.


Thanks to these California Community Theatre members for participating in this survey: 

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