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About CA Community Theatre

What is this website?

CA Community Theatre is a an online resource and information center for individuals and organizations involved with Community Theatre in the state of California. It's a one-stop to find out about your neighbors near and far: auditions, job opportunities, show lisitngs, resources, historical information and more. It's also a chance to get to know the folks in the Golden State who are doing the same thing you are: celebrating the joy of community theatre. 


How does it work?

Just sign up! Seriously, it's that easy. No fee, no required meetings (though, hopefully, we can all get together from time to time, somewhere, in one of our great cities/towns...stay tuned), nothing but clicking on the 'Join' button and submitting to us some basic info. We'll take it from there. Anyone can access the info on the website, but if you want your show listed, your audition posted, your theatre or name mentioned (or, if you want to contribute to this open forum of info and community), just sign up! Go ahead, and JOIN now!


Who can be part of it?

Pretty much anyone. Individuals or organizations can have their theatre/show/audition/job opportunity listed, or can respond to survey questions, or can contribute to the numerous features of the site. We are committed to the unique and specific folks and issues pertaining to community theatre in California specifically, so if you are an on or offstage person, a volunteer, a patron, a theatre, a group, a supporter, or anyone/antyhing else who is as committed to California community theatre as we are, you belong here. 


What's the point of this website, anyway?

You never know where you might be - visiting, living, or working; better know what's going on around  in case you end up somewhere else in this awesome state. This website gives you all the info that you need in one place. Visiting your granny in San Diego? Check out this site to see what's playing. Just moved to Walnut Creek and miss your old theatre company back in Fresno? Check out this site to see where you can audition and find your new community theatre home. Thinking about putting on a show in LA but live in San Luis Obispo? Check out this site to see what spaces you can rent for rehearsal or performances. 

In the meantime, have this be your new group of extended friends and neighbors; find out what other people are doing and how they do it. Stay in the loop. But not a huge loop, not, like a National Loop. But not small loop, either, like the cities you already know. The California loop. 



Cabrillo Playhouse
Catch A Star Theatrical (CAST) Players
Chico Theatre Company
Coronado Playhouse
Culver City Public Theatre
Conejo Players Theatre
Ben Eisele, Lamplighters
Gloriana Musical Theatre
Go Figure Productions, Inc.
Lamplighters Community Theatre
Lake San Marcos Players
Lincoln Theatre Company
Mendocino Theatre Company
Mountain Youth and Community Theater
Musson Theatrical
National Youth Performers-Stage Kids CA
OnStage Playhouse 
Pacific Repertory Theatre
Pacifica Spindrift Players
Pegasus Theater Company
Pewter Plough Playhouse
Plaza Playhouse Theater
Rocklin Community Theatre
San Leandro Players
Sierra Stages
Stage Kids CA
Stockton Civic Theatre
Theatre on the Ridge
Theatre 29
Truckee Community Theater
Current Members
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