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Behind the Scenes: Creating the California Community Theatre Museum

A visionary leader, a charasmatic invidvidual, or a person who just cannot shake his/her passion for seeing a dream come to fruition; all of these descriptions apply to the people who started community theatres, who helped lead community theatres through challenges, and who take community theatres to the next level while maintaining the integrity and releveance of the organization. Lamplighters Community Theatre history provides an excellent description of their early years, accessible to visitors of its website. Austin Cordtz was one such person whose perseverance is a reason for Lamplighter's early success. You may never know these folks whose time has passed, or because you are not part of the theatre, but there are so many Austin Cordtz's who should be recognized for thier convictions and devotion to community theatre. (Keep an eye out for a feature article in the upcoming months about current California community theatre founders).

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