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San Diego Theatre Connection

Best Theatre in the local area

At San Diego Theatre Connection, we provide a great setting for a wide range of plays in the local area. If you enjoy going to the theatre, then have a look at the variety of plays we have in production each season. We try to offer something for everyone during the season. We aim to be one of the first choice places you choose for an evening out. To find out more about this season's plays and ticket prices, contact us through our booking form.

The Theatre Staff

One of our main aims is to make the entire attendance experience of our theatre as pleasant as the play itself! In order to achieve this, we employ the services of professional and highly-skilled technical experts and performers who have experience in every aspect of their respective arts to give you the best experience possible. We also work closely with writers, actors, musical directors, playwrights, and set and costume designers coming from all around the world to bring every possible service to our customers.

Our Staff

Our front-of-house team has a wealth of experience in customer care. Behind the scenes, our backstage staff ensure that every production runs smoothly. We are very proud to say that we constantly receive positive feedback for the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of our theatre, and the quality of the productions we host. But don't take our word for it. Come along and see a play for yourself soon.



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