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Axiom Repertory Theatre

Our Purpose ​The purpose of Axiom Repertory Theatre is to create a nationally recognized, professionally oriented regional repertory theatrical enterprise based in Redding, CA. We believe that doing so will:

  • Serve people and industry throughout the world

  • Create exciting employment and advancement opportunities

  • Offer the best in art, education, technology, entertainment and commerce

  • Create a significant positive financial impact for Redding and Shasta County in general, as well as other ancillary businesses along the I-5 corridor between San Francisco, CA, and Ashland, OR, that cater to and service the thousands of annual travelers seeking the finest in live theatrical entertainment.

Mission Statement Axiom Repertory Theatre's mission is to produce exciting, professional-caliber theatrical experiences that:

  • Enrich via a diverse selection of artistic works that challenge as well as entertain

  • Educate through acting and technical training/apprenticeship opportunities


  • Empower through progressive inclusion of all people, worldwide


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