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5x5x5 Tech Housekeeping Challenge - Part 1: Hardware Organization

Looking for some help on organizing your technical supplies or equipment? We have a super guide and a specific list of tasks to help YOU get your backstage and scene shop area in order. Whether you have a small space serving as your 'scene shop' or a dedicated area and a staff to work there, this article series is designed to help you get inspired and stay organized. We called in technical theatre expert, Stacy Hennon Stone, Assistant Technical Director at the Norris Center/Palos Verdes Performing Arts. Stacy has provided some great tips and step-by-step instructions for all aspects of your scene shop or work area.

If you've got 5 minutes, Stacy's got a task. If you've got 5 hours, Stacy's got more for you. Are you ready to be challenged? Let's do it!

Challenge #1: Hardware Organization

Label everything! I use p-touch (can be bought on Amazon for $20-$50) or print labels from your computer. Outline things with sharpie. Use white gaff tape. ANYTHING! People are more likely to put things away if they know where they go.

Label bins with different sizes of nuts, bolts, screws and other hardware.

Got More Time?

Label the shelf that the bins sit on. It’s easy to print a list of labels twice! We used different color of labels, see the blue line or yellow line on top of the label, to indicate carriage bolts, from lag bolts from screw.

Advantages of bins:

Easy to put many on a shelf since they are all the same size.

Easy to pull out and take on stage to build.

Cheap to buy.

Stacy was born and raised in a scientific, artsy family in Redlands, California. In high school, she and her twin sister joined the drama department their freshman year to do props for a musical... "It would be easy!" their friend said! And there started their lifelong involvement in theatre.

Stacy received a BA in Technical Theatre with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Redlands in 2006. Later that year, she co-founded Redland's Civic Light Opera which produced three mainstage musicals, in which she was the Technical Director, Co-Designer, and General Manager.

In Los Angeles, she continued to work in theatre, ranging from the Long Beach Playhouse to Opera Santa Barbara, and everything in between. Stacy has been the Assistant Technical Director at the Norris Center/Palos Verdes Performing Arts for the last eight years.


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