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OnStage Playhouse

Join me for a discussion with Teri Brown, Artistic Director of OnStage Playhouse, and learn more about this great theatre in Chula Vista.

It looks like your season is made up of around 6 shows per subscription year. Does this mean you are performing most weekends through the year? Do you have many subscribers?

Yes, we offer 6 shows per season. We operate year-round, with about 3 weeks between shows for set building/tech.

Your lineup includes amazing contemporary plays and musicals. How are your seasons selected?

Our seasons are comprised by director solicitations, which many other theatres have now adopted as their season selection process.

Does OnStage Playhouse have any paid staff members, or is it an all-volunteer organization? What are the benefits and challenges?

OnStage Playhouse is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3), non-profit theatre company.

I love keeping up with you all on Facebook; you have an incredible online presence. Who is responsible for your social media or marketing?

We have a great social media team who oversees our social media. All information is provided through the Artistic Director (Teri Brown) to maintain our branding and uniformity.

What do you consider one of OnStage Playhouse's greatest successes - either a specific production or season, or a turning point or milestone reached, for example?

OnStage Playhouse has been honored to present many local premieres (such as: Fat Pig, Heathers the Musical) as well as world premieres (Jane Austen's Persuasion adapted by Jon Jory, Logan Heights by Josefina Lopez).

Describe your audience - visitors, locals, etc?

We have a great subscriber base of San Diego locals and many visitors as well.

How do you get to know your audience on a personal level?

We listen to our audiences and try to provide productions that appeal to a good cross-section of people.

What kind of support do you have from your community for your community theatre?

Have you worked with or been involved with any other California community theatre?

OnStage Playhouse has teamed up with other local "gypsy" theatre companies and provided them space to collaborate on productions. InnerMission Productions and Pickwick Players are two such companies.

What do you think 'makes' community theatre community theatre?

At OnStage Playhouse, our volunteers and patrons are our community.

Are you a California native?

Teri Brown, the Artistic Director, is a California native.

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