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2018 California Community Theatre 'Housekeeping' Challenge - Part 2

Welcome to Challenge #2 of the California Community Theatre 2018 'Housekeeping' Challenge!

Challenge #2 - Organize Your Supplies and Keep Your Hands On What's Needed

Spend some time organizing/centralizing your office supplies/equipment. Following the advice of 'everything has a place, and everything in its place,' take stock of what you have and what you need. Label areas for storing paper, pens/pencils, audition supplies, basic office supplies, volunteer supplies and so on. Encourage/post signs for all people who access these supplies to put everything back in its designated area at the completion of its use. This simple task will help keep some order around your office/storage area, and be very helpful to the many people who come in to take on tasks for your theatre.

Next, make a wish list of items needed or that you use the most.. Your wish list can be shared with your Board of Directors, with your new patrons who fall in love with your theatre and ask 'how can I help?', published on your website/in your programs, or even as a stand-alone fundraiser. People LOVE to give to specific causes/requests so write down what you need and share your office supply/equipment wish list whenever you can!

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