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2018 California Community Theatre 'Housekeeping' Challenge - Part 6

Challenge #6 - Book It!

Are your business documents and passwords scattered? Got a filing system but need a table of contents just to get to the right drawer? What if all your business-related info (including passwords, login's and expiration dates) were in one place?

Depending on how much time you have and the extent of your documents, put a list, book, or binder together with the following information:

  • Systems (ie: software, ticketing, alarms, etc): names, contact person, login info, passwords

  • Policies: insurance, liquor license, business license, etc and all due/renewal dates

  • Contracts: ie: janitor, trash, utilities, expiration or due dates, contact person

  • Subscriptions: Chamber of Commerce, organizations, etc, and due/renewal dates

  • Other agreements and due/renewal dates

Even if you just put together a written document of passwords and what contracts you hold, for example, it will be of great help to you to have all your key dates and important information in one place. No more riffling through drawers or looking for scraps of paper! No more wondering when the liquor license expires or the deadline to renew it! No more guessing and trying to remember your QuickBooks password! Of course, remember to designate a confidential/safe space for this information.


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