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2018 California Community Theatre 'Housekeeping' Challenge - Part 7

Welcome to Challenge #7 of the California Community Theatre

Challenge #7 - Clean Up the Nooks & Crannies of Your Website!

Put aside some time to really go through your website and take down old content, update contact info, add to archives, post new pictures, etc.

Feeling ambitious? Add a new or revamp an existing page; or freshen up a place on the site you haven't given much attention to in a while. You never know what what might draw in a new visitor to your site. Think of something really unique about your theatre and consider adding it to your website so people just learning about you get a thorough 'introduction.' Ideas could include:

  • A picture of your backstage area;

  • A story about a celebrity performing with or attending a performance at your theatre;

  • Or simply a list of facts you are proud of (number of hours your volunteers work annually; the number of times you've produced a certain show; that you build props onsite, etc).

Happy Editing!


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