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California Q's - Program Advertising

"I think it's a win-win. The local businesses are promoted, we get a beautiful program.

Repeat business from advertisers."

Does your community theatre currently offer advertising in your performance programs?

"We just started with our current production, but right now just to get it started, we're advertising for people we already work with. We plan to start advertising and reaching out to other businesses with our next production."

"It is a good thing! I tend to patronize our supporters first."

If you DO currently offer advertising in your performance programs, who is responsible for seeking advertisers?

"It is difficult to find a real sales person that is good and willing to do it. We also use ads for "trades in kind""

If you DO currently offer advertising in your performance programs, what do you think is the biggest benefit?

Added revenue and shows community support for our theatre.

Paying for the printing! attracting and validating our service to the community through this sponsorship.

We do a very nice color program filled with cast pictures and special pages. The program ads take care of all but a small portion of the cost of this program.

It completely pays for the high-quality color programs.

Gives businesses and individuals another opportunity to support us.

For advertisers, it offers great visibility for their company and an opportunity to show community involvement. For our company, it legitimizes our presence in our community, offers a sense of professionalism, and pays for program printing.

It pays for the program and is another way to reach out and speak with business owners. They will often display a show poster in their shop windows as well.

Helps cover production costs.

Extra income.

Cash in hand; it is another way the community can support us; it encourages others to donate.

We hope it will be more financial support.

"Not always easy, but we sell on an annual basis and that makes it easier."

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