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2018 California Community Theatre 'Housekeeping' Challenge - Part 10

Welcome to Challenge #10 of the California Community Theatre

Challenge #10- Clean Where The Sun Don't Shine

(But Where Your Patrons Might See)

Choose Your Own Cleaning 'Adventure': Depending on your needs/facilities, roll up your sleeves and go too the places you don't usually go.

Do you have a refrigerator somewhere at your theatre? Give it a good cleaning; defrost it thoroughly; and throw out old items. Make a calendar to do this 2 more times in the next year.

Clean all your theatre doorknobs and dust your main entrance door (from top to bottom).

Dust your light fixtures and fans. Start with the lobby, but don't neglect your lights backstage and in office spaces.

Feeling ambitious or already have the above taken care of? Give your theatre seats a great cleaning. Check out this great article to help you get started.

Happy Housekeeping!


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