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California Q's - Reviews

Does your theatre regularly have performances reviewed?

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"With the decline in print media such as newspapers, we receive less publicity, but try to compensate by posting information online, even though it is not from outside reviewers."

-Survey Respondent


Types of Reviews

Online, ie: Theatre or Arts Blog

Newspaper (published either in hard copy or online)



"The only reviews we do is an internal post mortem. We take a look at all aspects whether it was a sold out show or a complete flop. What can we do better and what are our best practices as well are we weak and could do better. SWOT> Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats." - Survey Respondent


Do you track or have a method of gauging the impact reviews have on attendance at performance?


"Only One reviewer in town. Feels the need to be positive about every show, even ones that suck. It dilutes the value of a good review. We can tell what the reviewer really thought (from years of practice), but most readers cannot." - Survey Respondent


What are the benefits of having your community theatre performance reviewed?

Regularly helps attendance

Helps with general awareness and marketing of our theatre

Helps with morale of the cast

Increases attendance at other performances

N/A - our performances not reviewed


"Most reviewers are not good at their job. They base their review on whether or not they like the material and the story not how good the presentation is." - Survey Respondent


What are the drawbacks of having your community theatre performance reviewed?

Does not always help attendance

Can hurt attendance at a particular performance

Can hurt attendance at other shows

Hurts cast morale

N/A - our performances not reviewed

N/A - any mention is better than no mention


"A bad review is better than no review.:)" - Survey Respondent


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