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California Q's - Ticket Sales Trends

Do you sell season tickets at your theatre?

If you do sell season tickets, how many shows are in a season (how many shows comprise a season ticket)?

If you do sell season tickets, have you been experiencing a decline OR an incline in recent years (i.e.: the last 3-5 years) in your season ticket sales?


"Flex passes have been a satisfying replacement pleasing both traditional season ticket patrons and those who want to support us, save money, and have flexibility."


If you have experienced a change (either decline OR incline) in season ticket sales in recent years, what do you think is the cause? Please indicate 'N/A' if you do not sell season tickets.

We just don't have the staff to fully promote subscription sales.

Not sure.

The impact of the Camp Fire for this last year.

Mix of people aging and not being able to attend anymore, with more of our audience not planning that far in advance.

Patrons struggle to plan ahead.

Old patrons dying, younger buy as desired, not committing too far in advance.

Great Shows and the word getting out.

If you do NOT sell season tickets, what are some reasons/the main reason why not?

We are a young theatre company and we haven't yet had a full season planned out at a time. We aim to be able to sell season tickets within the next 1-2 years.

Tickets aren't released until 90 days prior to the performance.

We can't accommodate the request for the same seats at each show.

For all responders, have you experienced or been experiencing a decline OR an increase in recent years (i.e.: the last 3-5 years) to your single ticket sales or overall attendance?



We switched venues and had a slight decrease while we established ourselves at a new venue.

Our kids cast shows are very up. Some shows are down, not sure why. Otherwise holding steady



Flex pass offerings have been more popular than traditional season tickets.

We are just starting our second season so too early to tell. In general, I would guess that our single ticket sales have remained about the same since we started.



Increase in sales


Increase in ticket sales - Bad Question can't answer yes or no

Do you have any additional thoughts on recent (past 3-5 years) changes to your ticket sales trends - either single tickets or season tickets?

People are last minute ticket buyers more and more these days. AND Season Ticket holders are changing show dates much more than they used to.

Single tickets have increased with online ticketing availability.

I guess they like what they are seeing? :-)


"I believe we have remained about the same. But we are a growing community so we should be experiencing more sales instead of about the same. There was some bad press about a person working at our productions... That had a big impact for a couple of years. The shows we pick must be very well suited to our community in order to fill the seats. We must also find ways to use our theatre that fills a need in our community besides just shows as in hosting a community event."


Thanks to all the theatres who participated in the survey. Results are from Summer, 2019.

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