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Birdcage Theatre

For over 36 seasons our all volunteer non-profit organization has been bringing the good people of this city live theatrical productions.

The Birdcage Theatre, Inc. is a local, non-profit community theater dedicated to delivering quality live theater performances, presented and performed by people from our own community. We not only provide a valuable outlet to enjoy in live theater and performing arts events in the community, but to also obtain an education in acting, directing, set design, stage management, light/sound tech, With membership, you also gain the opportunity to participate in the management and guidance of a fully-functioning theater.

In order to provide the services described above, we depend on the community for the bulk of our support, both financial and staffing. While much of our income is from ticket and ad sales, these two alone are rarely enough to see us through a season by themselves. Therefore, we regularly have to supplement our income via corporate sponsorships, grants, profit sharing programs, and charitable donations from the community.

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