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Survey on Preliminary Plans for COVID-19 Safer at Home Recovery

*Please note: California Community Theatre recognizes the fluidity of orders and guidance on how the State is re-opening businesses, and acknowledges that as of May 30, 2020, orders had not been lifted for gatherings of persons from multiple households. This intent of this survey was for those who wish to share thoughts on very preliminary plans on what re-opening theatres might look like, and how those plans were strategized.

**This survey was sent out on May 30, 2020. Information on the Safer at Home order changes/ed on a regular basis.


What guidelines are you following to direct your theatre's current and future practice (ie: your county health office, State guidelines, etc)?

Following county and state guidelines. Telecommuting of staff, Social distancing, mask-wearing.

City guidelines.


County health and State variations as they apply.


What are your benchmarks for interpreting orders? For example, in Los Angeles County, there are clear directives about live theatre (only recently published; up until the most current order on May 29, 2020, the closest categorization of live theatre seemed to be 'large gatherings and events'); if the guidelines you are using are not as specific, have you chosen to follow another business type's guidelines?

We are watching for the Phase 4 release of operations, as well as using telecommunication and social websites.


Unsure as of yet. We keep thinking that live theatre will eventually be included.

CDC as directed by local Health Dept.



What are your current operations? Are you rehearsing? Presenting shows? Holding auditions for future shows?

No rehearsing. No productions. Open Auditions are accepted via video, but no show specific auditions are happening.

Cast rehearsing online.

Auditions for Performing Arts Youth Academy have happened. Auditions for virtual summer show are coming up.

Holding Auditions, preparing to begin rehearsals June 6 for a tentative plan to open 7/10.


Have you established multiple scenarios and/or guidelines for reopening? For example, rehearsal protocol? Performance? Lobby and pre-show protocols? Seating arrangements based on different scenarios of orders, such as 25% capacity, etc?

We are watching what other companies are doing, waiting for their results, and will decide from there the best procedures to follow.

Protocol for patrons in lobby, nothing much done yet other than cleaning.

Will work on that with the venue for PAYA. Adult show is virtual.

No definitive plan yet but we are desperately working on one.


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