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Lighthouse Repertory Theatre


Lighthouse Repertory Theatre (LRT) is a non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer community theatre company dedicated to produce the highest quality production for our supportive community. It is the only theatre company in Del Norte County with its creation in 1978! Now in its 39th season, LRT has expanded our season.

The Kids’ Performing Arts Camp was added in 2006 and is now incorporated into the ‘Youth Melodrama’ for July 4th festivities bringing in high school age students to foster the art of live performance. Spring musicals, fundraising events, annual meeting/dinner, fall productions, dinner theatre, and downtown partnering in events keeps members active and involved.


In 2008, LRT purchased its very own building which used to be a movie theater. With growth from the community for the love of the arts, our community needs another venue to expand production seasons and artistry. Projects for the building are completed each year bringing us closer to a community theatre building. Our building fund is with Wild Rivers Community Foundation. Located in view of the majestic Pacific Ocean, the mighty redwood forest of Jed Smith Park, and the free flowing rugged Smith River gives LRT a unique setting for producing live theatre. Come on over, have fun, and take in a show!


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