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Data and Community Theatre - a Six Part Series (Part 6)

Making data part of your practice

Making data part of your practice might seem overwhelming, but it is (should be) part of ongoing work. As so many things you are familiar with, there will be a lot of work up front, and then, eventually, it can become 'routine,' (though should always be tweaked, reviewed, and assessed, of course). It can be something that's part of your program (it's a program, not a project, ie: it's part of your culture, not a one-time gig to 'pull off').

How do you make sure you are not numbers driven, but stay loyal and true to your mission? How can you blend the two authentically and realistically?

It may be helpful to view this concept as a program, not a project. The difference? A project is a one-time event, with a start and finish. A program is an ongoing part of our culture and practice. Embrace this as a part of your theatre's practice to help mitigate the enormity of what it may seem.

Remember, just because it's new doesn't mean it's unfeasible; just because it's a lot of work doesn't mean it's impossible.

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