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Scotts Valley Community Theater Guild


Committed to community enrichment through the development and management of a Performing Arts Center.

The Cultural Arts Center

The Scotts Valley Community Theater Guild's goal is to convert 9,000sf of the old Roller Rink, located next to the Scotts Valley Public Library. Currently, "The Guild" is constructing a "Temporary" performing arts center. The performing arts center, combined with the existing library, will transform the space into a new Cultural Arts Center. The performing arts center expects to host approximately 400 events per year with musicals, plays, recitals, classes, workshops, traveling shows, speakers, and much more.

The local community is excited about the "Temporary" theater, making Scotts Valley a destination and improving life for families in Scotts Valley and the surrounding areas.

About Us

We are a community group committed to providing an affordable, centrally located venue for theater and community events in the local area. With the assistance of enthusiastic volunteers who believe in the magic of theater, the Scotts Valley Community Theater Guild is preparing to transform the space adjacent to the Scotts Valley Library into a 250-seat performing arts center.


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